Thursday, February 17, 2011


After almost a year of wanting to watch it, the movie was in my hands. Udaan the coming of age movie of a teenager, caught in a no way out situation between his compulsive father who refuses to be called anything else other than Sir and the fact that he is a simple 17 year old.

Anurag Kashyap, says the story without any frills, a no hold barred as in movie where the stark realities of Indian households are depicted for all to see. Think the other movie that was able to get so real into the Indian household was Fire and Khosla Ka Ghosla. A no holds barred view.

Seeing the movie one was hit by how a weak social security system leaves so many vulnerable. ...... it has become one of those things that we are resigned to .. have come to accept. We accept that there are child beggars, we accept that there are 14 year old maids, little boys in road side dhabaas, women who are beaten and maids who tell us about it as we sip chai in our drawing rooms.

It is reality, and the best we can do is offer some chai, some companionship, lament about karma and move on. ... Strange, even as a educated legally aware women, if I was in a situation of domestic violence and needed shelter for the night I would not know who to approach beyond a friends place. The police would be viewed with fear ... more of a barrier than a solution giver... and def not a place for someone in a emotionally worked up state.

Juvenille Jails are bursting at the seams. Not surprising, a friend of mine is working on using theatre as a medium to get them to connect with themselves.... in Mumbai in my friends teach for india school, there are so many children with parents who dont deserve them.. kids for whom coming to school is itself an achievement
He does his bit, gets a little bit of sunshine into their life but one wonders .. if some of the swiss funds parked by our dear politicians .. released every year for these kids was to be released to them - then maybe the world would be a little happier.. a little more human .. a place where a 4 year old is not raped...