Monday, February 14, 2011

huuuhhh huhh huuhh hmmm huuuhhh hhhhh

That’s the mood that I am in. if you have ever met me you even know the sound associated with it.. its like a constant hum, interspaced with the movement of a bike.. sort of like a bike coming to life in a chocking manner.

Ok it’s a whine. A grumbling kind of a whine… that I am exceptionally good at making as a noise, and it manages to annoy the daylights of the people.  The point that is there to be made is what in the world is it that I am annoyed about? What is making me hum like a particularly annoyed bee? Well nothing n everything.  Actually nothing…

Been travelling for the past week, was in Delhi and became that kind of a boring corporate traveler who shrugs her shoulders at the luxuries all around and dismisses them as things that are non applicable to me.
Let me do a luxurious rewind of the week gone by … feel like writing today


For the record I hate working on weekends. I hate it, it’s the easiest way to get me to quit. Get me to work consistent weekends. I remember seething in college when there was a college play that I had to rehearse for and was made to be the grandmother.. never mind that story. The point being that weekends are more sacred that mount Kailash and is not a easily tradable commodity.

So it was with much disgust that I boarded the flight to Delhi, alighted and took a cruise to this place called Westin.  Ok, so for starters Westin is this fancy resort, you know the kind where they change your soaps even if you so much as have slit the plastic cover and then go on to advertise about saving water… hehee
As soon as I reached got jolted for two reasons..

One bumped into my former colleague and he was driving a swanky car, had got a whole I am such a big man look and was event managing the place.. think it hit me for 2 reasons, one it was someone from the glitzy event space where I just did not belong was not cool enough, off beat or may I say superficial enough to belong.. 

But seeing him made me wanna rise.. screw all the nonsense about being happy n content and be RICH! Drive a corolla and bitch.. Of course the fact that I had a women with me who was asking me to focus energy on what I want and chant for it reminded me that my not being there was my own doing did not make me any happier!.. hrrmpph..

They did not let me check in till 3 pm and so muttering under my breath I ordered the largest lunch ever! Spiteful me.. never ate the half of it but so what..

My roommate for those 4 days was one of those super intense women, who wanted to save energy all the time.  Electricity, lights, towels, soaps all were natural earth resources to be used with love and grace.

Night one

Spent the night conversing and sharing stories,  with someone new. Realized post all that talking that I really was not in the mood for deep reflections, or questioning the where am I headed, what was the impact that my world was creating. I was enjoying the stability and not that keen to rock the boat.. was keener to add more to the boat… to get some more wisdom to it instead.

So as we fell asleep the only thing I wanted to do, was to work and sleep. Be productive and not wasteful… so fed like queens we cuddled into our beds, post hot showers and the luxury of bath robes. Have no clue y but bath robes are decadence for me, like indulgence reaching new heights.

Day 1
Stuffed with the morning breakfast we stumbled our way to Session 1.  Speaker guided us through the realms of cases one after the other of companies who had innovated and succeeded. Was good and partly interesting and at times I wanted to be in the shoes of the guy leading all this global change. Was a heart lifting thing to note that there was a lot of oil based research being done and newer sources of fuel being harnessed.

This along with the Ekharth Tolle book, seems to indicate that we are in good hands there is a lot of stuff that is going to change and soon.. ello spirituality ;-)

Day 2-3 and 4 were all similar, food and sleep and half eyed opened siestas mingled into each other one after another… we laughed we spoke we wanted to do more …. We dreamt of change, I found a new house mate and gave up my escape route.. I changed some fundamentals of my life and some I did nothing with

Crux- Those 4 days were a lot about asking the more difficult questions about where you are, what are you working towards and where is your energy coming from… and my answers were from my gut, not now. Am ok now, am happy, am allright that it is not the final pit stop but for now it fulfills more than it leaves empty so for the now.. don’t ask me for deeper answers.. it’s a phase I like and enjoy, while I am aware that is is not the end,.., there is a long road to go through.

Night 4- Jacussi it baby

Get out of this Westin. They had started repeating the menu in any case and moved to the next venue. Galaxy Hotel – Gurgaon.

The room was amazing, 2 rooms in one. With 2 bathrooms,  one shower with the nozzles spraying you from head to toe and wonder of wonders a Jacuzzi..

Hmm this was going to be good.

So I turn the tap gleefully tapping my feet in the tub. Ugly brown water gushed out. Undeterred I let the water run out, and out, hoping the brown would eventually give up. It did not. 

Fuming, I had a multi level mutli head shower… There were lots of pretty tubes of shampoo n conditioners etc in vibrant colours on the ledge.  Loving this pampering side of the corporate world, I took one of the shelf and sqeezed it to death.

Nothing emerged.  Squinting at it, I shook and squeezed again. Nothing.

Oh lord it was one of those, remove the lid, remove the cap, remove the silver lining covering the cap, screw the cap and then squeeze. With water flowing at all levels, in all frequencies,  all over the space .. I squeezed my eyes and the tube. One after the other.  Showered and bath robed, .. I plonked onto the bed and flipped TV channels but the Jacuzzi  was there. Grinning at me in the distance

So off I went, waited there till the brown water became white.
Managed to find out how to plug in the water plunger
Got the tap open to full throttle.
Waited for the water level to rise.
Kept waiting,…. And waited some more. .. for the longest time the water level remained till the toes.. it did not rise not one inch.., wondered why.. wondered how it would rise.
Realized the plunger was not completely pulled in
Settled in again. Waited some more.
It took nearly 35 min for the water to get to the permissible limits .. post which I was allowed to switch on the Jacuzzi.
Then I lazily, gracefully pressed the on button.
Waiting for the water to roll around me,
surrendering to the luxuries of this life.

Nothing happened..
Pressed harder, nopes – zilch

Wiped my hands and with a dry hand pressed again. And again- nothing
Got up. Fiddled with the lights switch, the curtain trap, the volume control lever.. the plunger, the head the foot. Tapped all the way around the dam thing….. nothing happened.
After 45 minutes I was not going to give up! No way..

Sloshing water all over the perfect loo.. I found the cause of my woes.
The dam power switch was off.
Arrgghh.. took a dry towel. Flicked it on and sat back, pressing all the controls to the maximum

I was determined to enjoy this, come what may.
Lounging back, the water began to move
It moved like water boiling in a saucepan.
Enormous bubbles erupting over me

In my own head I looked like the cartoon characters, who were doomed to die in a boiling volcano.. other than the water being clear there was nothing relaxing about it.  I chastened myself, told myself that it was something that grew on you.. to sink into it.

I did just that, sank into it. Water shot up my nose, the bubbles erupting over me. Felt like some giant fart machine had been released.

I finally gave up. 50 min into trying and trying decided it was not my thing… sprang up from there and began the day.

There is more to write but for now I stop.
Let one blooper be enough.