Wednesday, February 2, 2011

its all possible

Once upon a time, a not to little but very lost girl did not know what to do. Days had melted into weeks, weeks into months and aside from books read and some meals eaten there was no sense of joy or purpose. All that she touched seemed purposeless and dull.

Desperate for contentment, she decided to head off and spend a month in a yoga school seeking her self out. The bags were packed, a long train journey undertaken and she was off to commence the yogic experience. 

In the train itself she met an imp. The imp was travelling with a sketch pad and water colours, painting away portraits of her co passengers. Turned out she too was heading to the same place. heee hee and better still she too was not enthusiastic about heading to the ashram immediately. 

So off went the imp n the lost one, to Kovalam and discovered a connection between each other. Between laughter and random painters, the life stories were shared. Armed with the comforting presence of a friend the dreaded ashram gates were approached and stifled giggles exchanged as we the late comers were heralded into a room of foreigners singing and chanting... WTF!

Now I smile, its been five years and that special connection remains intense. Just recently a series of emails were exchanged between the imp, the lost one, the other travelers and explorers. Journeys of the last 5 years were shared in effortless emails....

There was so much that seemed to have happened, & nothing had changed. 

Some had traveled extensively- ferociously uprooted themselves and tried to plant themselves in other countries and schools. Some stayed where they were and moved away from the system, to live a life that reflected that which they believed in, some got sucked back into the system but with the window of questioning still open like an antenna knowing that there was something deeper

But no matter which route was taken, the mails coming in 5 years later all have a sense of change, of adventure of living beyond the safety of jobs and routine, of making mistakes and not knowing what next but throughout it all - there was one common thread. the one of acceptance and the one of knowing that it was all right..

In hindsight, for me I think this forms the core essence of my spirituality- the surety and belief that no matter what comes our way,- in the infinity of life it is whole and complete.