Wednesday, February 23, 2011


A nugget of a thought has been germinating in my tummy for a few days.

In the spectrum of people that I am close to there are around me there are a 2 broad categories that I can define them in. Know it is a general classification and that there are several lives that are being lead by different peoples doing several things.

But on a broad level. In my world there are 2 classes of people

One. - Those who have moved and evolved in the personal life. 

These are the friends whose faces I see dotted all over Facebook. The streams of albums are regular with content snaps about kids, the mothers last visit home, the first diwali, the honeymoon, the wedding, the baby bump, the baby walk, the albums usually convey 2-3 things

- if there is a baby, life is centered around it. often there is little more than the mom and the dad and the baby there, unless u are lucky to have the grannies around
- if there is no baby, then the albums are about the couple and the weekends spent together, some fun moments and occasional drinking sessions where there is a lot of drinks around.

The careers and the work are a part of who they are, but a much smaller part. The contentment seems to stem from their personal anchorage, the friends that abound and the feeling of security that comes with it. For the women there is more so true, they being the ones posting more than the men images in general.

Two - The forging ahead in careers, self expression and self exploration. 

Intense, experimental people they are the ones who have experimented with what they choose to do, where they choose to do and what they make of it. Being human they too are seeking love and promise, but the partners are to be part of the journey not a pause to it.

These are the people sitting in scattered corners doing things that make sense to them... it may be painting walls for street kids, or teaching theater to the kids in jail, for some it takes the form of having a large social group that challenges them or for the other travelling and expressing themselves... For each work is also a part of what they do, but the quest is HUGE to express themselves, be themselves - all through the day, all the time, as much as they can

This category is also restless. Often discontent, falling into mind spirals and deeply questioning of even the good things that may come to them. Speaking about the self, it also means that you are deeply impressed and swayed by what someone else is doing.. the GRASS ALWAYS SEEMS GREENER SOMEWHERE ELSE..

But they DO. Whatever it may be the chaos has a sense of doing and being ... it may be in the form of getting a bakery to form in South Africa or in living in Ireleand.. a lostness of the soul finds anchorage in exploration.

If this remains the classifications of people that I choose to make, for some reason I feel that the while navigating the turmoil of life, I have landed up close to where I started from, with the wishes and aspirations being similar to what it was a few years back. Movement has been there, internally but reflected poorly externally

as a believer in the law of attractions, maybe the fault lies in the confused signals that one sends. As one enters the 30's there are different things, each strong in its desire, each compelling that make ones mind turn.

One wants to travel and see the world
One wants to have a family, a home
One wants to study again, not for the thappa but for the joy of knowing
One wants this all. and now

Result one keeps wanting. Glad am entering the silent course for 4 days, can let go of all the wanting and move to some receiving.