Monday, February 7, 2011

Starting the day

Am writing this from a swanky resort in Sohna, Haryana. Its one of those places that makes no sense for the most part.

You leave the Delhi airport and drive out in the direction of Gurgaon. There are the swanky new buildings, the glass facades and the malls. Then comes the smaller shops, giving away to the Gaonness of Gurgaon... the cycle wallas, the tyre shops and for some reason the multitude of band wallas

The car winds through them, showcases yummy vegetables- well the carrots looked heavenly and continues. the road becomes calmer, yellow flowers begin to be spotted once or twice, the frequency increases and suddenly u are there in the middle of rural india. there are the charpoys in the sun, the men lounging n playing cars, road side vendors selling fruits and the Shiv and Bhole dhabhas  .........

on this road, as one is slipping into a lullness thinking about the trees, the flowers and the greenery that is india comes a MASSIVE GATE.. welcome to $%$%^ Inn... a humengous place in the middle of nowhere. You enter to men in blazers and women in short skirts, there is abundance of everything. and everything costs a bomb

Somehow... as I sip on Rs 560 soup. I cant seem to savour it because the last thing i saw before i stepped into this artificial perfection, was the 8 year old boy, with his 13 goats and know that this somehow is not the smartest way to go about money.... now is it?

Enjoy the riches, then live your own life....