Thursday, February 3, 2011


Its that time of the month.. no u ass, the time to pay all the bills and call the customer care people and to add to the woes the Government is making life a living hell!!!!!!! Bonkers and more!!!!

Lets see the list of crap dealings

1. Citibank card- some person has been making me pay the same transaction for the past 6 months, dreading call centers i never called to check and now when i did, there was a 45 min call... repeat 45 minute call which included an issue being raised, my card is now blocked, there has been an address change, a new card is being issued and then i shall need a new ipin.... blah blah blah.......horrible!!!

2. my lazy landlord refused to encash the rent cheques.- so some random afternoon while i am happily planning a new vacation.. beep beep goes my phone and i am given the jhatka of my life that some obnoxious amounts have been debited from my account and my imagined plans go for a full toss

3. LPG - Its a bizzare nation when the gas connection gives u nightmares. The tech non savvy me took about a week to even acknowledge that what the entire nation has been raving n ranting about applies to me that i need to furnish gas details

I tried to be super organized, got the right papers, scanned them, opened the link and all that and it did not go... !!! they want a jpeg n not a pdf.. Fine,. so rescanned them and uploaded the jpegs and even then it refuses to scan! WTF!!!

So the better half of the day has been spent with mindless crap and its still not over which is what makes me super FRUSTRATED!!!

To add to my little green monster woes.. friends are moving to UK... but despite all these hassles that are a part of city there were some super moments of yesterday.

Like the morning walk, where Puppy Singh, jumped the gate of the park in his uber excitement to play with the dogs and in the evening where he tried desperately to shag the street dog by humping his head... hehee needless to state he did not get far.
Getting up and moving, getting into the health mode, eating right and exercising.. yada yada
and thats all.. a warm slow but content day. if only call centers and the government did not exist

On a closing note- silently cheering for the public of Egypt - hoping there is a speedy end to the protests and Mubarak shoots himself. Always get amazed at the swiftness of public uprisings and how they cant be traced, no one knows why then, and in that scale.. it just surprises everyone!