Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Unsocial Social Networks

I wrote the best post ever and the silly net evaporated it! serves me right was bitching about the virtual world, but so what had made a really really fine art of bitching about it. Recreating a post is never the same as writing one fresh.

So attempted rewrite

After a watermelon break, here goes.

There is an application in Facebook that lets you 'checkin' to a place. it could be anywhere, the loo, the airport or even the hairdresser. intent the world gets to know exactly where u are.
In an ipad, there is a cool function where you can open a picture embedded into a book, and from there go on to check the field it was in, the landscape there, the soil, the water, the works
Twitter seems to be dedicated to news spinnets that put CNN n BBC to shame, speacially after dear osama died and its a disgraceful thing, if you dont have a smart, cryptic comment on world events that can be conveyed in less than the allotted words
and heaven forbid, if you want to tweet about the song roaming around in your head. that is just too trivial for global attention.
Recently on a holiday a friend lost a costly, and more than that a lifeline worthy device called the Blackberry. Somehow we were able to track it down to within 50 meter radius of where it was, navigational maps et all, yet nothing happened, we left the phone beeping there and got home, woeful

Whats the point?

Nothing not made before. In this world where everyone is forever connected, attached and progressively informed it seeems almost like a collossal sin not to have a point of view on events at home, in the neighbourhood, the oilspill. Everyone is pointing fingers at everyone else and there is much amusement at silly videos that share moment of others pain.

As I took a dump, I leafed through the 100 most influential by TIME magazine. Sheepishness turned to self shame as I realised that I knew maybe 15 of the people mentioned there. Given the bommardement of news, RSS feeds and apps that surround me this was a disgrace.

Resolving to be better informed I read the paper today page to page. Read about the hidden tactic of Pakistan, the meaning of the shell alaska move, the RBI savings tax rate etc etc. Read and realised that i still did not have an opnion or a point of view.

in the trivial life lead by me, i was far more engaged in the mail that a dear friend had promised to write to me about. Disgusting, I groaned to myself.

But as I wrote the earlier version out, I pondered if it was such a bad thing to have phases where the external world did not have such a strong pull on you. I am not defending ingorance, but from another perspective these hosts of tablets, smartphones, cloud carrying information and not rain, there is a simpler life that I lead

I hold my books and turn a page made of paper when i read
i eat caramel popcorn and grip cinema seats
skype does not feel the same as a coffee on the couch, with you
i ask someone for directions, by rolling down the window
and i seek information only when i so need it

its a strange notion, but when i am travelling and truly exploring a place, i have recently found that often i am so there, that i dont feel the need for my phone, forget often to take images from the camera, dont feel the need to upload, tag and share instead am content to live and let go.

Thats the time when living life here fills me so much, that there is no space and time for virutalness.