Tuesday, May 10, 2011

giggling maddness

I cant stop giggling today. I am not entirely sure why. This is the debauch day that I have had, and for some reason am giggling like a school girl at my own silliness.

Get up at a bright and not so early time of 8; realised its not so early, refused to heed the realization fell back into the bed, pretended that I did not know that the dog had assaulated the not to be assaulted bedspace and snuggled in next to me, kept my eyes shut as the maid entered and drifted back into serene dream land, while the subtle conscience yelled at me not so subtly.

Made it to work only by about 11 am. Hopeless. Helped that the boss came in at 11.07 am, so hahah was not the bad late employee at all. Sat and did the one little thing that the formatting guy working on my laptop had asked me to do.

‘madam just transfer all your data from the d drive into the external hard disk and then format the d drive and then transfer it back, other than that the computer is ready, and oh also please update ur norton and the tata photon cd’

Profusely thanking the man I had exited his shop at 10 pm on a Saturday evening, thinking to me the blessing every formatting person needs, I hopped and forgot all about the instructions till Monday, arrived bright and sunny.

This will take just a minute, I hummed as I wrote sheets and sheets of things that I needed to do for the day.
·         Injected hard drive, copied D drive, pasted it in a folder called backup.
·         Injected Norton, Norton needed the net
·         Realized the wifi was not working
·         Injected the photon, realized that had been formatted and was not working

Swore at the world and every person part of mankind, tried to repair wifi it refused to move. The D drive took only 8 hours to transfer content, the apple guys told me they would charge rs 1000 for 5 gb worth of content transfer for basically hitting the copy button and all in all I was ready to smash the laptop to bits and pieces.

Forgetting the woes of work and more, I decide to stop the transfers, head home have a elaborate coffee session with an old friend, follow that up with going to the 2 gyms, giggle like mad over friends and their escapades, come home to laugh even more at the disaster encounters behind events and drunken gigs and sleep

Only to dream of contessa’s the cars that are moving in bright yellow and blue, giggle in my sleep and wake up all happy with the giggly world. Life is life this only.