Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Punjabi Bahu

Had the weirdest dream last night. For the people who know me, the moment I mention this I am sure you will crack up laughing. 

So last night, after being a  couch potato for the whole day.

(Saw tv all day long. Yes it was a Monday, Yes I do have a life and office, and yes I saw TV all day ;-) .. here is what happened, drank a big glass of bitter tasting water melon juice, sat in an auto, was bumped around, burped several times, thought about morning sickness. came home, crashed into the loo, hurled and heaved the watermelon juice out, plonked on the bed and never moved)

General Knowledge updates included. 
  1. Cigerettes and Coffee- a french movie with random snippets of people consuming the above. fell asleep half way through
  2. urban legends - college kids keep dying
  3. hollow man 2
  4. son of shark - very bad dont see
  5. hells kitchen- monster chef pretending to be a dr jakel and mr hyde character and doing a good job of it
  6. 20 minutes of enemy of the state, diamonods are the girls best fried, my super ex gf, fantastic four and troy
  7. aladin. 
Thats a lot of TV to watch, for anyone in a day. As i dozed off to the 30th snippet of coffee and cigarettes, there was a dream that rose from the depths of my subconsciousness. It involved me dreaming about how for some reason i am married and am a Punjabi Bahu. think it was something to do with the 20 minutes of  a hindi movie called out of control that I saw that had random characters like Mango and Jelly walking the streets of New York, looking for the married man who had abandoned his village wife

Never mind.

So in my dream, I am married to this bloke a simpleton fellow. The family is raising eyes at me and my behaviour - consisting of holding hands, -big frown. wanting to not eat after anyone else - bigger frown, generally jumping around and being a couch potato bigger frown. So fed up I finally sit in an auto that is being driven by a woman auto driver who can only go at the speed of 10; certainly not fast enough to escape the draconian father in law, so I end up driving the auto myself. Which was a lot of fun and think made the dream happy. 

Through it all though, a nagging thought was constantly there. Like a jagged piece of thorn, the reminder that there was something that i was forgetting, this morning when i did wake up minus the salwar kameez, the aloo parathas, the draped and bowed head, there thing i was forgetting came back!!! I wasnt a good old punjabi bahu who had to worry most about making sure there was the right amount of sugar in the kheer!!!

Wheeww what a relief ;-)

Also made me realize that no matter what, I just cannot ever be made to do the arranged marriage thing, the poor sod i was dream married to quivered at the very sight of me.. hheee