Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The underworld life.

These are incidents that came into my life in the past 24 hours, random stories that were shared by people in the course of an evening.  There is nothing alarming about them, just an reflection of the Indian canvas that never ceases to explore.

Diva boy called breathless with excitement because he had been called to the dream event of his lifetime, where the person was to come as a threesome. Any combination was a justified, any drug was permitted and anything was allowed to occur. An exploring bisexual, for him it was a dream event with the ooh laaa laas there to applaud and cheer the explorations of mankind. Diva boy, incidentally having opened up this facet of himself has been blessed with experiences galore of kink, threesomes, teeth pulled clothes, night long conversations and wordless intimacies. In a city that makes a kaleidoscope look like  a plane jane, there are new age children who are either recklessly heading towards boredom or are jubilantly appreciating their lives for the here and now, where it ends is anybody’s guess.

A person shared an incident, where the star of a latest Bollywood hit was smashed out of his wits at a Prodigy concert. He was shoved around by the bouncers all over the place and kept yelling that he was now important and they could not do this to him, when it got too much he yelled and said ‘yaar maat karo mere izzat ka kya hoga’ hahahaha, apparently he was so so drunk that the bouncers took him backstage, shoved him into a car and were stripping him to take pictures and sell it for a scoop to a magazine when they were sheepishly discovered by the crew.

2 friends were getting married, and the jai mala was about to take place. A green age newly aware about everything environmental, they suddenly shrieked a piercing yell into the sky, as they saw that the garlands were made of dead flowers. Cut flowers were wilting and bound to die. New relationships cannot be begun with dead flowers and they horrified sent their families to find sandalwood malas that were to replace these. Forgetting that these sandalwood malas are what are used to garland those dead.. Sigh the new age fundas sometimes get to be a bit more than not

A friend organized a conference in Maldives, where top IT businessmen were escorted for fun. One of these dealers was being taken to his car in those golf carts that you drive from place to place. The driver was a women, in the night, an obvious statement that she wanted to be laid, comeon why else would she be driving him to his room? Or so he thought, and so decided to drag her to his room. Another guy was mesermerised by a german lady he met in the corridor and in a phase of spontaneous love decided  to hug and smooch her. She however was not in a very loving mood and got his ass sent packing right back home.. the lovely Indian ambassadors that we harbor is amazing.

There was the experience of a man who took 2 years to head on 5 dates, a couple vacationing in the high Himalayas who were shocked to see hairy boxer clad men, semi naked plunge into pools of sulphur water and yell in glee. They sat holed up in their room and didn’t budge for day 1, 2 and 3.

In the mean time, my closest friend and dearest enemy who is reading this post for sure is truly going under.. water and meeting sharks in those exotic places and nations whose names start with Z. He must have been an eagle in his past life, soaring over and over one nation wondering where all to land.

Wondering what today shall expose.