Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Working me??

Something i wrote when I began a nine to five job. It was in response to a mail. Still the same job and the same feeling .. only more intense and severe.

My work!

grapevine says u choose to stay
than to come to make ur way
thru the mess and the chaos
thats defines this city, its ethos

alas its true, lawyering is now what i do
drive long hours to get to work,
once here pray to god
"make today the day i get out early from here, Dear lord"

Its not that bad,
just a wee bit grim
ppl dont talk
but merely skim,
thru files and pages
full of words,
mail them across and then begin anew
reading documents
looking for some one to screw!

Its mundane, its for a year
58 weeks to go thru
1 week done, and some to go
will stretch out my wings,
and then fly again
to a happy land, where ppl smile
laugh and bit and maybe cry
where a joke is not taboo
and travelling is what i do.

Till then i wait,
I bid my time
giving the heavens
time to write
the next chapter in my life
whatever it may be will take it in my stride!!

A Free spirit, a dear friend and a seeker wrote back saying

lawyering is not what you do,
not yet,
counting weeks down from grim faces
might take much of your breath
they look grim and so do you pretend
you've all just joined the gang.
the distortion of human life and its simple ethics...
the invisible power play that betrays all heart to the realm of the mind
and yet heart has the power to nurture even the coldness.
why wait, when you have made a choice
remember you too have a role to play
to offer, that which you seek in them
that sweet nectar of the inner smile
you may discover, you are not fooled
and instead may be amused
you may want to go in a little deeper
not be fooled, not count
b and let it b
nor succumb, nor reject
keep that inner smile
close to you

I know.. my eyes were rolling too. I think something deep and profound is being said here but as of now I am no that wise to get it. Might explain why I am still in the same job though!! ;-)

Nothing against the well wishes of the freind except it had me scratchibng my head for a while..