Tuesday, August 1, 2006

dreams mine

An ode to the simple things in life!!

Woke up to the resounding cheers of the ISB placements.. caught my self slipping back in the world where success is measured by the slry slips coming in at the end of the month.

Felt the need to recount the things that i hold sacred... life in its simplicity and what i seek from it.

things that make up a good life.. a good day for me.

a good night sleep... dream that leaves you smiling for its bizzarreness
an early morning breeze.... peace and stillness of the morning
a hug kiss.. simple signs of affection from some one you love.
Meanigful conversations.
work done... work that is charged with energy, leaves you feeling happy and with a sense of acheivement
creating moments......... in the day. something as tiny as watching the sparrow take a both in ur veranda
taking snaps of something beautiful
playing with someone.. a child a dog.. just observing the free spirit at work
running.. keeping fit...cycling.. letting the rhythm of ur body do its own thing

travelling to locations where you have the time and the desire to take part in the local dance, drink with them and feel accepted
opening up your house to freinds
having a rambling house, used as a station by freinds, from all walks of life, as a studio, as a place to exchange views... a place with open gardens, an unhurried pace of life, small nooks and corners, plants .. dogs.. lazy tes sessions.. heated discussions and action all congregationg there.
Shifting cities, and coutnries.. and making new ties. keeping up with the old.
learnng why the french make their bread the way they do
why the koreans drink in that stlye
praying in the inner sanctum of a bhuddhist shrine on the highest peak of mexico.

Watching the rain from the tall glass window of your house, wrapped in someones arms..

simple memeories .. that i hopoe to create.
The concrete things.. I need to figure out before I can create these goals.
but more n more the certainity.. that I want to move cities and soon countries is getting stronger. Finding the path. Sticking to it.

Know it will work
Hmm... too much of a heavy start to the morning no??