Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Spinning Spree


This is what every pore of my body is screaming right now!! WTF?? Why!!

Situation. The Court. Two friends meet up.

One is a dear friend and the other .. ........ (well now i am not so sure. but say three hours ago the sentence would have simply read as .. two friends of mine.)

One a girl the other ( correct u got it .. well done!! he hee.. ok ok will shut up) a BOY.
suddenly this is becoming really funny , almost like a kindergarten tale, but alas it was not a kindergarten tale. Ok ok.. will stop babbling and get on with the story.

So, the boy is someone we know moderately well and there has always been something werid about him but we put it down to idiosyncrasies that everyone has. He approached the female friend (ff) and asked her to come to a corner.

He - I have something that i wanna share
Ff -- AAh.. ok?? ( grr grr whats with him??)
HE- Can we go someplace less open
FF -- Ok.. what the F.. this is weird.. but this is old pal what the hell.. ok i guess
He - Walks to a corner.. and says can i hug you?
FF - ha haa haa .. no.!! why would u wanan do that all of a sudden, ( note he and ff meet one in 6 months)
He - I feel very close to u.
FF -- WTF?? ( what the fuck for the non initiated)
HE- Unbuckles his pant, drops them and FLASHES her!!
Ff -WTF WTF WTF WTF!! What the FUCK ####!!
HE- I hope u r not weirded out
He- U see secretly i am a Nudist!!
FF _ yup u can now chant with me ( WTF WTF WTF!!)
He - Can i hug u the next time i meet you
FF- NO!!
Run run run run run

This is a true incident. None of the characters are drawn from imagination. given the time lapse it is now a historically recorded fact that there are creeps who exist in all spheres. Beware of men lurking you into corners because not all of them wanna share there last ciggie with you. Mommy was right. dont trust people who take u into corners.

Oops … somewhere down the line this has become a crusade against corners.

bad bad corners!! if there were no corners, there would nothing bad taking place. Simple solutions.

on a serious note

I am glossing over the incident as I dont know what to make of it. Do u ever know what somone is capable of, and how can one always live with their guard up, even against friends. When do u just "be" and with whom? when is sweetness and normalness a mask and when is it the way it is? How do we help perverts and not become bitches who shun them? questions .. deeper than that surface, but sink below when to the depth of freakish shit .. and live there.