Monday, August 7, 2006

An ode to being silly

Quickly test. Think back to the past week, quick flashback, what are the memories that come flooding back?? No.. no…not day by day.. just the week that was and what happened kind of test.

Hmm what would by memories be...

The weekend party, non event by itself but being surrounded by the Delhi bimbos talking about the revolution in high heels and the “heart rending” life altering method of living life as described in Tuesdays in Morrie left us in peals of laughter. (We is equal to a threesome …. two bitches and a male witch)

Spilling beer by accident across the table while having a heated discussion over reservation.. ha haa

Getting drenched in the rain, for the heck of it

Being the pink girl on the red car. … aaahh that was me sitting on my car bonnet late in the evening and refusing to head home

Bottom line silly acts have a super adhesive hold on the memory bank. Kind of like fevicol ka jood hai tuta hi nahi. When one instigates a silly action, one tends to remember… don’t you think so?? Be it beating colleagues over a computer game, or hiding someone’s lan cord, or throwing someone of the raft into the surging waters ( life jackets were on .. don’t judge me as a killer) one just looks back at those memories fondly

Requirements are simple too. One needs to be a little bored ( core status of existence) a little effort to do something about the boredom and vala we have the perfect prankster being born.

I accept, this is definitely not the best professional behaviour advice that one can be giving, but try it .. with anyone that you know. They just might slap you but hey you got one heck of a memory right there!! ;-))