Thursday, August 24, 2006

Suitably chastened

Me little shocked at my behaviour and getting a really serious knocking too from the world. Was driving in to work and taking this right thats is a chut right into a gali, I usually indicate but today was crusing along quite happily, did not look into my side view mirror and saw the guy on his bike with his twenty year old daughter who he was dropping to work a fraction too late and bumped into him, the guy lost his balance and toppled over, the girl too

The impact broke his headlight or dislodged it from its socket at least and it broke the side view mirror of my car. I was and am in a slight shock because given it ws a bike, more dangerour or serious consequences could have emerged from this.

My hands were shaking, and as soon as the guy stood up he began to furiously scream at me, saying that I nether indicated nor heard his shout saying watch out. I merely accepted that it was in fact all fault and did not enter into a verbal dispute, where the tenor of the voice determines the winner.

As he was fuming I only kept mumbling... Sir please check if u r all right, please tell me u r not injured. He was fine overall with a few bruises on his fingers where the re where slight gashes, with shaking hands i ripped open the first aid kit and administered the bandage, unable to make sense of all the various gauges that were strewn all over the seat,

Seeing me in this state the guy also calmed down. The fellow ppl were not in a serious about to kill me mood either and he took down my mobile number to get in touch with me later to claim damages to the tune of a thousand rupees. Even if the cost of repair will be less than that I should pay him all he asks for becuae he will ned to get a tentanus shot as well

Lesson from morning mayhem. Drive safe, just becuase one knowns a route like the back of ones hand does not allow one to become complacent. Think traffic and not the wonderful meandering thoughts of the universe.

I am lucky, the guy was not a hollering lunatic punjabi. The injury was not severe, the speed at which we both were was low and impact damage less and lastly being a girl one was automaticaly forgiven for being genitically deformed behind the wheel.

In fact the parking attendent seeing the 46th new scratch on my car, decided to dispense adivce by saying " jaab taak aapka haath saaf nahi ho jata aap car ko araam se challaie" or meaning" till u get perfect at the art of driving let the car get scratched and then only we will repolish"

Didnt have the face to tell him that I have been driving for four years.
Learning precautions driving asap