Monday, December 16, 2013

Conjuring up 2014

Its December, the time of the year that lends itself to an afternoon spent in an armchair, gazing out at the view, with the nip of winter making you huddle a little deeper into the chair pulling the softness of the shawl tighter. Curling your feet in below your hips and warming your hands around the cuppa of hot cocoa. 

Well none of the above is happening. I am instead plonked on a friends couch on a warm sunny day nursing nothing except the desire that there was a shred of winter in the air and a determination that there is value in the power of intention. What you seek is what you shall get. 

What then do I conjure for myself for 2014, not as resolutions but a desire list of things to achieve. 

By this time next year, I am sitting in a warm armchair snug and warm looking out at the view of the green landscape and the willow tree as it holds on to its last leaves, smiling at how many things on this list came through. Burrowing my nose in the blue muffler tickling my nose, I watch my daughter play with her cousins and marvel at the sync that created these moments.

I grin at my excited nervousness at taking the first flight internationally for work, my gawkiness at making sure that I was well dressed, eating well with the spoon and fork, making no faux passes and hoping that I managed to a good job of it. Flying like a business executive and getting the hostess to hang my coat was a mini kick by itself. Images of the niceness of the team I met greet me, the evening drinks that wasnt the stiff affair that I thought it would be but a warm melting pot of showing off each one the other kids pictures. Oh how I missed my T then.

Work, the place where I am starting to get a sense of completion and accomplishment. The small things that I wanted are there, the coffee machines, ac, laptops, the room, the plants in the office, the set of colleagues who are there and friendly, conference rooms and a clear role of getting things done. The payouts are regular and consistent, and happy. Benefits and trainings, family day and cribbing about the canteen ka khana. For sometime, the routineness of it may be something to look forward to.

T has grown up into a talkative little monster. Running up and down the house, she loves going to the park and hanging out with the children. Happiest when troubling Paul or playing with the bunnies in the play school, or snuggling between us. She is my happy dappy sunshining little spot

Mummy me is also doing justice to person me. New New New, 2014 has been all about new. New house, new friends, new social life, new forums I am writing for, new formats of yoga, new lenses, and photo styles, new healing community that I plug into.

The few concrete things that I can tick off the list are
- Visited 4 new countries, 2 of them on work
- Got a job which I like and is sustaining my interest and vica versa
- We have a club membership, where I am learning squash, and swimming. I am doing much better with that
- the short dance class was an eye opener. I am still gawky but am learning to let go a little bit at a time
- Cross training and the Bhava Sampadana

M and me rediscovered the silliness of life. Indulgences mixed with responsibilities giving us lesser knots in the tummy

Expanding my horizons of what I know and what I dont know. allowing Manuel to lead us as a family, the new car, and taking the trip with mom to thank her for her un ending support. The spectacular time we spent in Malaysia, and the Germany trip with tara and oma ops

It was a year of Growth. The company grew, we grew as people in our definition of responsibilities, and made a year of pheeeww. This works.