Monday, December 16, 2013

Appreciating Bangalore

I am going to live in Bangalore for a long time. If not Bangalore India for a long time. I have not had the balls to say that simple statement and let it be. To accept it without feeling a sense of dread creep up.  Its time to say - make lemonade my lady with the Bangalore/ India lemon in your life.

For starters instead of constantly feeling that the grass is greener on the other side, I am going to list down the things that make sense for me as a person in Bangalore. What are the pluses here that I can need to acknowledge and appreciate.

This is my motivational list. List down the worlds that I am glad to be a part of, worlds that I have no clue about and worlds that I would like to get to know.

So dear adopted city of mine, I am rekindling my love affair with you, permission to flirt?

20 things to love about this city in complete random order. Also my comparison benchmark in Delhi, so excuse the lowness of the threshold.
  1. The weather. - Enough said. For most of the year it allows me an outdoors if I choose so
  2. The supermarkets that sprout everywhere, making the trolley based shopping so simple 
  3. the casualness of the dressing, Sometimes the sloppiness is border line too much but the ability to be you simply overall
  4. the fact that there are friends who are like family and that they live close by
  5. cheap south indian food. bhajji wallas, idlis in the morning. 
  6. rangolis made by neighbours on the front porch. leaves me with a feeling of old india every morning
  7. proximity to run away to green spaces within a 2-3 hr drive
  8. the huge circle of healers and sincere practitioners who live so close by
  9. the outdoor cafes and resteraunts
  10. so many music hubs, the new theatre scene, comedy scene, the ability to do more if one moves up
  11. yoga clubs. so many everywhere
  12. Active meetup groups
  13. the start up vibe, means that you can work in a small place, wear pajamas, loll on bean bags and its perfectly acceptable
  14. nice pet shelters
  15. Lalbagh, a small hole of sanity
  16. The sense of cultural mix that is effortless churches standing next to mosques, and temples next to churches
  17. Availability of fresh beef. I am a vegetarian, still makes it easier to feed my husband
  18. number of expats living and settling in at home, makes the mixed couplesness very very normal
  19. air asia flies out of here!!!!!!! yeyeye!!! and so does Tiger airlines
  20. its home. its from where i shall grow. to getting to bitch about you less and like you more
  21. availability of maids!
For now this should be what I should focus on, while i will try heard to stop the dream machine of my brain to stop thinking of the possibilities of living in cities where there are there parks, swings that work, public transport that is safe, paved roads, clean air, walking areas, a culture that fuels work and personal growth, new undiscovered outskirts, food not eaten before, activities not undertaken before. 

I shall try to polish the old and get it to shine brighter and brighter
and bury the make believe in a sealed box.

Today is what counts.