Monday, September 26, 2011

Pretty little Barbie

Lets do a make up course..I typed below the facebook profile. .. and waited. .. no one laughed. wow. ok. so this was not daft. 


So the confession time was here,  I had always wanted to do one of these courses. Think it was a childhood hangover, from a summer holiday, where my cousin was sent to one of those stlying courses. No. Stop. Dont think Femina miss india. mumbai kind but more the madwai kind where the new hairstyles were more about the 50 kind of buns that one could make. 

the child in me wanted to know the tricks, the tom boy in me refused to be sucked into this shoo shaa and be the teeny booper that spend hours in front of the mirror. 

One evening, however after the first ever professional makeup that was done to the face, the transformation was complete.  A new idea grew, the intention to do this silly course for fun once more.

So come saturday morning the tasks were set. 
Brushes and lotions, creams and vails.
the ignorance shone and transformations commenced

Step 1 - Clean
Step 2 - tone
Step 3 - primer use karo (ah? isnt this what painting companies use? turns out its all similar)
Step 4 - oops forgot the lotion that comes post the toner
Step 5 - concealer
the brown skin has no good conclearer, you are now fucked, so please make do with the rubbish outside.
Step 6 - foundation - dab dab not rub rub,  choose the right shade, merge, blend
Step 7 - fix the make up
Step 8- countour ur face
Step 9- commence the eyes
that is an enclyclopedia in itself. one lesson later
Step 10- lips to be done
now for the hair and the rest

Step 11- take off your clothes and go to bed with all the sheer effort put in getting ready. Also, remember this is only the make up part. Skin and hair care is a different matter all together. Once a month one must ensure there is a pedicure, manicure, waxing, and massage. 2 a month once must ensure that there is a hair spa, facial. bleach, cleaning session, deep tissue massage, hair colour and the rest of the treatments whose names i dont know

Listening to her in raptures it seemed that I should spend most of my life in the parlour chair. Anything else would be a crime. 

Blondie heard her out, and on sunday dressed up my eyes like how.
pouted in the mirror and pruned
i now atleast had knowledge of what tools that i could use

geared and charged, let the brushes do their magic