Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Keep Walking

If there is a time that life seems too much, the latest twist uncalled for. 
then all one can do is keep walking

it seems impossible. there is constant questioning, desire for it to all go back to life as was
but all one can do is keep walking

sometimes in the middle of the walking process, a sense of enjoyment seeps in
a smile appears. for the first time in a long time it seems
freedom, the sense of endless possibilities comes closer. 
chains of similarity and predictability, are set sailing
and all one is left with is liberation. 
even then, all one can do is keep walking

the enjoyment, allows the soul to breathe, to be free, to live
in a  joyus heart, newness finds a path
you become, whole and complete.  an individual
no longer a broken piece of the whole
the joy attracts others, people envy you the freedom
the ability to take chances
moaning that you were lucky, they sadly dont have such chances
you smile an inner smile
pick yourself up. and keep walking

Somewhere along the path,  the newness becomes permanent
you look around wide eyed with wonder, amused at how you got here
nuggets of what you wanted, surround you
and it happened... dots and dashes conniving in your life to connect
a tapestry emerged.
you stood there enthralled
and shaking your head, in acknowledgement to life
you stood up, and kept walking

Destiny and Fate, are guiding paths on the way
choices and determination the walkers
what you get and what you make of it
is you, and yours to do.
there is always a chance to take
a leap to faith, to take
something to drop, something to grasp
live a little 
the rest is soon all crap

Leave everything else, but your childhood innocence,
hold his hand and .....Keep Walking........