Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Zindagi Na Milege Dobara

As I got into the hall, could feel the tension sitting plum between the shoulder blades. There suddenly seemed to be a million things that were to be planned, and work to be done, travel, weekend plans,battery conked off, ppt to be made, think its something about making ppts that I hate to the core that makes me nervous and I end up doing everything and anything but that.. like head off and see a movie. makes the most sense

So off it was to see the Movie that I had been wanting to see for a while.The saga of 3 friends, a road trip and a new discoveries to be made. Made me wonder if male holidays and female holidays are by default different. Both can be fun, but they tend to just be a bit different over time for whatever reason..

The lull of the road, the new  people, the new experiences and the ability to push the buttons and face your fears that is what the whole thing is about. Was feeling butterflies in my belly at the idea of dropping off the sky, the scuba experience had in January made me feel fear, and yet there was a desire to face it

Things that make my tummy curl are so many its funny. heights, depths, water, big waves, ..... am a wooz ;( in camoflauge! thinking about what i wanted to do it was clear, travel and write - not travel write but travel write.To find out what made the people do what they did, where they did it and how did it differ for them.

Its a natural urge to know and unpeel.
Neha Elizabeth Gilbert
It is coming my way.soon
because- Zindagi Na Banege Dobara!