Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Woof Yoga

Its here, the brand new form of yoga has come to hit the town. Fresh off the mat, discovered by the Puppy Singh, our very own collie cum mongrel dog, in a flash of genius on March 9th 2011 at 7.38 am. Doggie Yoga has never had it better...

This morning at 7.38 am I decide to commence my 21 day commitment to do the kriya everyday. The only issue is what to do with Puppy Singh. The last time, that I decided to leave him hovering about the house, while I locked myself in the room was pretty much a bad idea. Said goodbye to divine bliss, to witness a newspaper snowstorm and pen remains with ink stains on part of the newspaper to give it a designer effect..

Hmm.. wanting the divine bliss to last a bit longer decided to experiment with letting him remain around me.... Woof Yoga.. thats how it all began.

The purple mat was rolled on the floor, the mobile put on silent and I sat in the lotus posture, ready for serenity. PS (puppy singh) sat on me, sliding down my legs and wagging his tail, with the tips of his bushy tail mercilessly tickling the soles of my feet..

Eyes closed and scowling, i shift backwards on the mat.
He does the same.
Ignoring him, I proceed with the asanas. (exercises).

First one is no problem. PS has decided to curl in for a short nap at the end of the mat. Thinking he has gone, I stretch out my legs only to kick him, he yowls and protests and then proceeds to wag n tickle legs again. AArrggghh, determined to let day 1 be a success I soldier on.

Asana 1 and 2, complete.
Sitting back in the lotus posture, I rest my fingers on my things, the thumb and ring finger lightly touching to complete the energy circle.
PS loves it. Thinks my fingers are gestures for play time and begins the game of pawing them apart. Pointy claws dig into my palms and fingers and unable to get them loose by that action, his wet tounge licks them, and the teeth begin to gently chew on the thumb

Flicking him away, eyes shut i focus.
Breathe in........left nostril
breathe out........right nostril
breathe in...  calm your mind....... left nostril
breathe out......... let the stress out.......right nostril
breathe in..........
breathe out

ppasssshhhh.. paaassssh.. ssssssshhrrrrkkkkkkkkk......
This wasnt good, I cock an eye open only to see PS, sitting on the edge of the mat with the corners safely enclosed between his paws, the end in his mouth and a huge tear to the YOGA THICK FREAKING PURPLE MAT!!

Before realizing what is happening. out comes the had, chin mudra be dammed and one SLAP is given to PS. Sufficiently chastened, he leaves the mat in a huff and stalks off into the corner.

breathe in.. and out
left nostril in............right out
relax........ breathe out........

shaking my head, I move on to the next round. 21 Om's need to be chanted. Loudly, with an open mouth. Peace and calmness the idea behind the exercise.

Mouth open.. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm

PS looses it. He leaps up in the air, and released a volleys of yowls. Each Aaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm; is matched by Woooooooooooooof, Woooooooooooof., Woof woof, wooooooooffffffff,, woof woof woooooooffffffffffffffffffff

Not content with woofing, he comes closer to me, and starts desperately trying to bite the very air that is coming out of my mouth
Aaaauuuuuuuum I go.. Woof woof. bite bite I get
21 aums takes a while. PS lasted a while.

Woof yoga was born in this fashion . I always thought that uttering om was something that calmed people down, dogs are clearly not people and their chakras work very differently.  The aums were not followed by any more louder utterances, the remainder saw only minor tickling, some desperate mat scratching and an occasional woof..

As i opened my eyes and surveyed my world. It was divine. PS was there, eyes gleaming a picture of innocence, with the purple piece of yoga mat dangling from his lips and the fluffy tail thumping .. love at first sight.

Yea well. The world was full of bliss.