Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Incredible Tamil Nadu

The belief is that unless one obtains all that they need in the material world, there shall not be enough sway towards the spiritual. Tiny rituals for causes have been created, from lighting ghee lamps wrapped in bamboo, to getting a red thread that has been blessed by the goddess..

I have never been a fan of travelling in Tamil Nadu, ever. There was a change of energy that would seem to hit you the moment one landed there, was something that impacted you. People were talking louder, were not calm most of the time, a sense of haste filled the air and impatience ruled.

This did not change. What did change was the ability to accept this and see the land for something subtler and deeper that it holds the key to. A key that is carefully concealed and zealously guarded. A friend in Delhi, always held that South was the land of scriptures and lessons, passed from generations, preserved in Tamil.

The northindian, in me somehow never took this claim very seriously, the deccan portion of the land was superstitious and ritualistic, Spiritual... nah not really.... (how things change). The past 2 weekends have been spent in interacting with this missing link of Southern mysticism, and changing perceptions.

Saturday morning saw me arriving in Coimbatore, headed to the Isha ashram. (http://www.ishafoundation.org/)

Isha is an organization that has been started by Sadhguru, a realized master who has lived and seen countless lives that he can recount. From being a snake charmer, to a devotee who was blessed by his guru he has stories that are tales never seen or heard before.. about Shiv, adi yogis and saints, said in a manner that makes them come to life like they were right there..

I packed my bags and went there to see the newly consecrated Bhairgavi Lingam. This is the female form of the Shakti, encompassing a compassionate, graceful and fierceful energy. The much smaller temple, devoted to the Bhairavi Lingam has a asthetic presence that makes you feel the need to surrender. Give in and be.

Mantras chants and the silence wraps you while there, this post the bath in the TeertathKund and the Lingam leaves you feeling very blessed and content. very serene somehow.

While looking for images I came across this detailed blog written about the many architectural marvels http://balaslearnings.blogspot.com/2010/04/visit-to-dhyanalinga.html, worth a read for knowing why there is more to this place than meets the eye

An image of the shivalingam that is immersed in water in the theerath kund that holds solidified mercury by a process of alchemy that is known to very few saints worldwide. Wading through the water is a different experience, the water is heavier, with a life of its own a whispering of somesort..

For me starting today is the decision to do the kriya every day for 21 days, its said anything that is done on a continuous process for that long becomes a habit, a part of you.