Monday, October 3, 2011

Turning 30

oh my god.. you are going to be 30 years old? my nephews eyes opened in horror as he looked at me with his mouth open.  Are you not like getting really old? Should you not be sort of settled in life.

He is 20 years old
I am a fossil in his eyes. Stuck between his parents and something in between.

He believes that he shall be a world traveller, half retired, and singing in kareoke bars in Japan for the joy of it by the time he is 30. I hope he is. 

My ivory coast called me and asked if I had completed my list of things that were there to do before I was 30. Am not sure if I made such a list, and if I had where it is now. Nah am not even going to make a list of what I want to achieve by the time I am 40. It seems for the 30 year old in me as faar off as the complete meltdown of the polar ice caps. am sure it shall come, and am sure I shall be as surprised by its coming than not.

But what has happened with this age?
The few things that are visible and on the surface different that I can point out are:

  • There are greys that appear in ones hair
  • Starting something new takes longer to do
  • contentment is about a book, a quilt and a arm flung around the person u love
  • loud music over dinner is an irritant, one prefers conversation
  • reconnecting with parents is not something one is made to do
  • old friends pop back in life, and new friends are more in the i know him but i dont know know him
  • loosing weight is not that easy
  • a good deal - is more about the larger things in life, than flip flops
  • one wonders why girls giggle so much
  • You stop believing that one can retire in 4 years
  • When you travel, there is a hesitation in striking up a conversation with someone new, a little more than earlier
  • you jump a lot more - in your head
  • tolerance levels are at an all time high, at an all time low
  • you know yourself and accept yourself a lot more
There is a growing up. tone of conversations change, but there is a desire like a rocket in the bum that eggs one to do more, be more, try more, share more.. live more

The fastest slow race to leave a mark

As i enter the 30's the one thing that is change, is that unlike the 20s where the canvas of life changed every 2 years, new people came, old people left, the ties were so organic that they changed rapidly .. now something are more constant. and the rest less important

the unknows are there, as many as uncertain but what does change is the fact that you are more sure of yourself.

hope so